Garden styles from around the world

When looking for inspiration for the style and plant choices in your garden, a simple source of direction is to look to the globe!

Maybe it's your favourite holiday destination, a country of your heritage or that place you've always longed to visit... you can create a little slice of holiday paradise at home!

Not every house can pull off each style of garden, so think carefully about the style of your house and it's architecture when choosing a complimentary garden theme. Also, make sure that the plants you choose are not on the NZ weed list which you can find HERE.

Here are our ideas on how to use a garden style from around the world and make it work in your own garden.


Japanese gardens

Simple, modern homes are a great backdrop for a Japanese inspired garden. White pebbles, Japanese Maples and Cherry Blossom trees, small stone pagodas and koi ponds. The Little Digger makes fast work of digging a pond and we can source and deliver stones and pebbles in our 4t Tip Truck.


Tuscan Style

Stucco exteriors, wrought-iron balustrades and terracotta roof tiles, if this sounds like your home, then a Tuscan style garden is for you.

Plant Olive trees, Conifers, use water features or statues, pots of Geraniums and herbs, broken terracotta gravel for paths and climbing bougainvillea. Why not go the whole hog and put in an outdoor pizza oven – now we're talking!


Arizona cactus garden

Suiting modern or mid-century style homes, the hardy and rugged Arizona cactus garden can be a real thing of beauty when done right. Crushed limestone paths with layers of cactus and succulents in different shapes and sizes gives a sculptural feel to a garden. Given the spiky nature of this garden it's not a great idea if you have kids or pets. But if you're in a dryer climate and would like a low maintenance garden option then this one might be for you.


English cottage

White picket fences, gravel or cobble stone paths winding through layers of flowering shrubs. This style of garden suits cottage style homes with stone or weather board exteriors. Plant flowers like miniature Roses, Lavender, Hyacinth and Camellias.


Hawaiian tropical garden

If you live sea-side or you just want to recreate that relaxed costal vibe then a Hawaiian inspired tropical garden might be for you. Hibiscus, Frangipani trees, Tropical fruit trees and lots of lush leafy boarder plants are the way to go. Hang a woven chair or hammock and some wind chimes in the garden to really get into the island life.


Formal European

Symmetry and structure are the hallmarks of a formal European garden. Think the grounds of Versailles or the Jardin de Luxembourg; where paths, hedges and topiary are perfectly balanced and planned out. This style of garden suits a formal, traditional style of home. Buxus hedges, white pebble paths, colourful annuals and Poplar trees are great plant options for this style of garden. If you have a lot of plants to put in, why not hire our digger and driver with the auger attachment, which makes quick work of digging holes!

Have you taken garden inspiration from your own travels? What is your favourite style of garden from around the world?

If you would like help in planning your garden, then get in touch with our Swiss-Kiwi landscaper, Andy!