Client Projects


Snells Beach

We transformed a small space under this home into a new garage and workshop. No problem for The Little Digger.


New pad created which awaits the arrival of the pool.

Matakana Sawmill Brewery: Hops Field

We laid the foundation by drilling a number of 2.5m holes and erected 6m poles.


The job was to create a space for 2x 30,000L water tanks.
The challenge was not to get stuck in the hole. How was it done? By building a track to access the pit.


What better way to use a swamp area, than to turn it into a pond for the pet geese.

Warkworth: Kōwhai Kids

We transformed a very muddy, mud ‘kitchen' where mud pies are made, by diverting water away from the play area.

Community Walkway, Matakana River, Matakana. Small digger hire, servicing Puhoi, Warkworth, Snells Beach, Matakana to Mangawhai.jpg

Snells Beach

We were asked to create a lawn but firstly remove old bird aviaries, tree stumps and garden waste. Plenty of space now for the herb garden and to kick a ball around.


No job too small for The Little Digger team, these holes had to be dug by hand for the walkway.

Snells Beach: 400kg Stone Plinth

The challenge to manoeuvre a 400kg stone up stairs and over the hill at Brick Bay. No problem for The Little Digger.


They wanted more out of their backyard. We reshapped the land by cutting in terraces to create more useable space.

Badleys Beach

Tight access is never a issue for The Little Digger. When it can retract to under one metre!


Creating a bund to protect the house from the wind and shall create a bit of privacy.

New pad created. The ideal parking spot for the family Combi.


Digging a power trench 50m long - easy work for The
Little Digger.


Need a hand to build a retaining wall? Andy, our landscape gardener, is your man.

Leigh: Shipping Containers

New pad created which awaits the arrival of shipping containers.

Matakana Markets

You’ll often see us at Matakana Village helping out with ongoing maintenance. The footpath needed to be repaired and a new 15m retaining wall was constructed - both easy tasks for The Little Digger team.

Matakana: Swale Solution

When it rained, water ran through this property. No more water issues after the team constructed a “swale” (an infiltration basin created to manage water runoff and improve rainwater control).

Snells Beach

Lawn reshaping with new topsoil and grass seeds. Let it rain!