Chris, a builder and Matakana local, found it just a bit too hard to find a quality digger to hire for the building jobs he was doing in the area. So he got himself a Little Digger and in doing so made building jobs, DIY jobs and landscaping jobs a lot easier. Now our range of equipment and experienced drivers are available to you too! 


We are passionate about making your job simple from the ground up. We genuinely love to help customers achieve a great outcome when they undertake their landscaping, drainage or building projects. Would you like a site visit to chat about your requirements? Not sure what you need?

Give us a call today!


Being locals we understand that for a lot of you, tight access can be a problem. That’s why we are the Little digger people. For others on larger lifestyle properties, drainage can be a nightmare. We have the equipment and the know-how to help! Need landscaping supplies? We can arrange and deliver.  What about dumping? We can do that for you too.


As an experienced rural builder, Chris comes with years of knowledge that he’s happy to pass on to help make your project as simple and successful as possible. Always happy to have a chat, give us a call today.


Chris, loves nothing more than a creative challenge. He has been a builder on commercial and residential projects for the last 20 years. He chased high end creative projects around rural New Zealand for almost a decade and settled in Matakana 7 years ago. No challenge is too big for him. Chris is passionate about making people's lives easier and less complicated. Nothing seems to bother him except inefficiency.

A sharp-witted humour and high levels of cheekiness can bring laughter to anyone. He comes up with new ideas all the time; if only there was more time to implement them all.

Otherwise: He loves spending time with his wife and toddler, cooking and tending to his orchard and olives.

Janneke is passionate about learning and implementing new systems to improve efficiencies for our customers. As the team Cheerleader, she loves getting people to think big and aim high but is also able to get into the nitty gritty details of a project. No challenge is too big or too small! The nurturer of the team; she's known for dropping off a care basket when team members are sick and supporting local community projects is what excites her the most.

Otherwise: Janneke loves loves spending quality time with her family, in her garden, eating great food, and going camping.

Caleb will move mountains for you one scoop at a time and bring your vision to life. He has the patience of a saint and even when the weather has turned bad, you can rely on Caleb to persevere until the job is done. You are in safe hands with Caleb - he’s been around diggers his whole life. He smiles and laughs all the time; nothing seems to upset him except unexpected delays because he prides himself on being efficient.

Otherwise: He loves spending time outdoors with his partner and two gorgeous kids and is passionate about his beloved motorbike.

Warren is a bloody good kiwi bloke. He creates such a fresh buzz, and is sooo nice. He's the mastermind behind our job scheduling and juggles the daily enquirers; making sure our customers are well looked after at all times.

Warren loves helping the team to do more of what they love and bring out their best every day. He doesn’t hold back; with practical tips, encouragement and the occasional strong word of advice.

Otherwise: Warren is a passionate fisherman and family man. In his spare time you'll find him restoring his wife's classic MG and has a motorbike and caravan waiting in the wings.

Andy is our Swiss - Kiwi landscape gardener. He loves nothing more than giving home owners a helping hand to create spaces that they love or will make their life a little bit easier. When Andy is not helping people with their landscaping projects you can find him listening to intelligent hip hop, hanging out on one of the many Matakana Coast beaches with his family or snowboarding.

Janette is in charge of all things marketing. She is our ideas machine; continuously looking for ways to reach more people and generate ideas that stand out from the crowd. Janette has a love of copy writing, social media and using new technologies to automate processes.

Otherwise: Janette enjoys listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, playing with her two sons and doing DIY projects at home.

Jacob is a champion action taker. With years of excavation experience (don’t let his youthful looks fool you). He comes from good ol’ hard working stock and perseverance. Something he learnt at a young age, being the youngest of 12 kids!

Jacob loves learning and growing and is obsessed with anything that involves a detailed plan and a bit of a challenge.

Otherwise: He enjoys a healthy lifestyle; from going to the gym, to the thrill of downhill mountain biking.


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