The Little Digger Company - Warkworth

Warkworth has a true community feel and a great vibe.
It is a little village by a beautiful river and close enough
to everything including the beaches and Auckland.

With so many people moving to this picturesque town, there's little wonder lots of building and alterations are happening; new houses, renovations of old ones,
it is a constant hub of activity.

Let our highly experienced and qualified digger drivers: level the ground for the vegetable garden you have
always wanted or use the auger on the Little Digger to drill the holes for the new fence, hedge or piles for the deck you have been dreaming about.

Did you know that by hiring our Heavy Duty Wood Chipper, you can turn fallen branches, pruning or green waste into beautiful mulch for your garden. Operate it yourself or we can do it for you!

Chris, the owner of The Digger Company is a vastly experienced builder, so you can tap into his expertise along the way; saving you time and money.

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