Ideas for a low maintenance yard

As much as we love being out in the garden, it's not much fun when you feel like your yard work is getting on top of you. Let's face it, you want to be able to sit back and enjoy your garden, not be a slave to it!

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So here are some tips to use when creating your garden which will help you spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying.

1. Use the same hardy plant en masse

By limiting the number of plant types in your garden the lower the maintenance time will be.

You will get to know the best way to care for them, the time to prune etc and by choosing hardy plants your time spent watering is cut right back. If you need a hand when planting, give us a call. The auger attachment on the Little Digger digs holes in just minutes.

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2. Use natives

The best plants to use are the ones that are native to your area. They will be the best fit for your soil, climate and are less likely to develop plant diseases or pest problems. Here is a great article we found which talks all about NZ natives.

3. Easy-care Furniture
You need to have a place to sit and relax to enjoy your garden. By choosing low maintenance outdoor furniture that doesn’t require sanding and varnishing
 will save you time. Think man-made wicker, metal or stone furniture over timber which requires regular varnishing, sanding and painting.

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4. Storage

Gardening tools, outdoor cushions and BBQ equipment can be a pain to get out and put away if they aren't stored in close proximity. So think about what you're keeping in your garden shed, storage bench or garage area and make sure everything is easy to access. Then you’ll be more likely to get out and enjoy the garden instead of feeling like it's all too hard.

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5. Use decking, paving, gravel, sand or stones for less mowing

If you want to reduce your time looking after your garden then the less mowing the better. Use decking, paving, gravel, sand or stone to reduce your mowing areas. It also works well for those high traffic or shady areas where grass battles to grow. If you need a hand with flattening, grading or delivering materials for these areas then give us a call.

6. Mulch

By mulching around the base of your trees and in your garden beds, it will protect your plants from frost in winter and help retain moisture in summer. It also helps keep weeds at bay. If you have a tree, off cuts or branches you need to get rid of, why not hire our Heavy Duty Woodchipper to turn your garden waste into beautiful mulch!

Matakana Woodchipper

7. Install irrigation

Rural living means that a lot of people are on tank water. Taking the time to install an automatic irrigation system means that your garden will flourish in the dry times of year without having to remember to water plus you’ll still having enough water to take a shower! This is especially handy for those who travel a lot but want to make sure their plants don’t suffer while away.

Here is a great How-To Guide we've found for installing yourself!

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So remember, watering, weeding, mowing, deadheading, and pruning can take hours and hours so make some clever choices in your garden. Then you can spend more time enjoying and less time working.

Give our Landscaper Andy a call if you want some advice or help in your garden and remember, we've got the tools and the drivers to help make your next garden project easy as!