Bobcat - Tracked

When you have a lot of dirt to move, our Bobcat - Tracked is the perfect tool to get the job done.

It may look just like a Bobcat but the beauty of the Skid Steer style Bobcat is that it runs on rubber tracks as opposed to wheels. The tracks increase stability, minimise terrain damage and allow the Bobcat to get up steeper gradients. Mud, snow and rocky surfaces are no problem for the Bobcat. 

It's a heavy duty machine in a small package; so accessing hard-to-reach areas, shifting dirt fast and effectively, and its leveling ability is second to none. Working as the 1.8t Little Digger's side kick, it can get the grunt work done while the Little Digger gets into the details of the job.

The Box Rake attachment reconditions your soil before you plant and gives your job site a level finish. It is perfect for leveling out the pot holes on your gravel driveway, ground re-leveling or lawn bed preparation for a newly landscaped lawn.

The great thing about a Bobcat - Tracked is that we have access to a huge range of attachments, making it the most versatile piece of equipment for almost any project.

Small truck, 4 Tonne Tip Truck Hire from Puhoi, Warkworth, Matakana to Mangawhai.jpeg


  • Width 1230 mm
  • Height (to top of cab) 1840 mm
  • Weight 1633 kg





  • Bobcat + Driver $115
  • Bobcat + 4 Tonne Truckinc. 2 operators $210
  • Bobcat + 4 Tonne Truck+ DiggerInc. 3 operators $305
  • Bobcat + 4 Tonne Truck+ Digger + ChipperInc. 3 operators $400


  • Rock Bucket FREE
  • Tilt Bucket / Clearing Bucket FREE
  • Spade Bucket FREE
  • Box Rake (Power/Harley Rake) $110
  • Auger $135
  • Grab Bucket $70
  • Digger Knife $50

    *Excludes Delivery



  • Delivery ChargePer machine hired excl. 4 Tonne Truck $100*
  • DeliveryAdditional Km Fee (per/km) $3
  • Fuel FeeDigger / 4 Tonne Truck / Bobcat / Chipper $2.85/L
  • 4 Tonne Truck Road User ChargePer km fee 25c

 * Within 10km of Matakana $3/km thereafter. Digger with Driver, Bobcat, Chipper rate excludes Pick Up and Delivery. Prices are subject to our terms & conditions. Click here to read >>


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