Brick Bay: 400kg Stone Plinth

The challenge to manoeuvre a 400kg stone up stairs and over the hill. No problem for The Little Digger.

Sawmill Brewery: Hops Field

We laid the foundation by drilling a number of 2.5m holes and erected  6m poles. The field is ready for spring planting. 

Snells Beach: Boat Shed

Getting into this boat shed was a tight squeeze. We flattened the inside and outer area making a nice flat parking space.


Matakana: Pathway

Cutting new pathways before the winter rain sets in. 

Rainbow Valley Farm

Taking to the Kikuyu (creeping, perennial, hairy, mat-forming grass) to unearth the vegetable patch.

Snells Beach: Landscaping

Reshaping the land after a new retaining wall, ready for summer deck chairs.