10 things to love about rural living

More and more people are making the change to move from urban areas to a new rural lifestyle. There are positives and negatives to both but we think rural living wins hands down. Here are our top 10 things to love about rural living:

1. Space
You are not on top of your neighbours or confined in a tiny yard when you move to the country. There is plenty of space to stretch your legs, space to grow your own food, to have a pony, pigs cows and chickens. This is particularly wonderful for children as they crave the room to run and explore.


2. Slower pace
There is a general slowing of time and pace when you're in the country. It's a more relaxed lifestyle where people take things a little less seriously than their city counterparts. The lack of crowds, queues and parking problems means there is more time to enjoy and explore the things you love. Whether it's tending to your garden, going on country walks, surfing or riding horses there is more downtime here.


3. Local produce and farmers market.
Knowing where your food comes from or eating food grown in your own backyard is a much more fulfilling experience than just grabbing your fruit and veg from the supermarket isles or getting takeout. It's fresher, tastier and more often than not, organic, which encourages a healthier lifestyle and you're less likely to go for takeout or less healthy food options.


4. Community
City life means you're shoulder to shoulder with lots of people, but often you don't even know your own neighbours! When you live rurally you get to know your neighbours, help each other out, you wave when you pass on the road and feel a real sense of connectedness.

5. Closer to nature
Vast expanses of greenery, plenty of beaches at your doorstep it's easy to get in touch with nature when you live the rural life. Kids really experience life and nature to the full with animals, fields, growing food, planting trees and being close to the ocean.


6. No Air/Noise Pollution
The air is cleaner, there is less traffic and air pollution which is better for your health. You wont be inundated by the sounds of sirens or alarms going off in the country which leads to better wellbeing; less-stress more peace.



7. Safer for the children
On the whole rural areas have a lower crime rate to urban areas. Rural schools generally have a lower teacher to children ratio. And it's easier to get kids off the screen-time when quad bikes, animals and beaches abound.


8. Night lights
A city skyline is certainly dazzling but there is nothing quite like trading the bright lights of the city for a big sky full of stars.

9. Farm fun
Farm life is a fun life for kids, with chickens, pigs, horses and all manner of pets. There are sprawling fields, quad bikes, dirt bikes, fruit picking, fishing, the activities are endless on a farm. Learning the responsibility that comes with farm life is also an invaluable lesson for kids.


10. Population
When you live in a small community, the lack of crowds, queues and demands on resources means life is a little easier and simpler. Even though our wonderful rural areas are growing rapidly as people fall in love with this bit of paradise, the rural lifestyle and mindset still remain.