Meet Andy, our Landscaping Expert

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Meet Andy

our resident Landscape Gardener.

Trained in Switzerland and attaining a 3 year Diploma in Landscape Gardening, Andy knows how to build and maintain a beautiful garden.

We sat down with Andy to find out a bit more about him.

1. Which landscaping project are you most proud of?

  • Replacing a wooden wall with a concrete wall and paving the paved area

  • Small garden / smart design in Switzerland

  • Lots of plants yet room to enjoy summer nights


2. What does any budding gardener need to know?

Gardens are work: they require maintenance and you need to be mindful of seasons and how to care for your garden throughout the year.

Know what you like doing, is it trimming hedges, weeding, hopping on the ride-on lawnmower? Design your garden so you can do more of what you like and less of what you don't.

Have a clear plan of what you want your garden to look like before you plant.

Check out your friend's gardens, go for a drive and get inspiration, open your eyes, take photos of the nature around you it will inspire your design!

3. What are some rookie mistakes when planting?

  • Damaging plants and particularly their roots when planting.

  • Digging holes too small for new plans.

  • Using the wrong fertiliser at the wrong time.

  • Incorrect placement of plant - sun or shade?

4. What is the most challenging aspect of landscaping?

Learning all the plants and understanding the type of garden and climate they are best suited to. But the hardest thing is making sure the owner's wife is happy and truely understanding her wishes.

5. Favourite material to work with?

Hard Landscaping: I am passionate about working with stone and what you can create, no two walls are ever the same.

I believe a retaining wall or entrance to your lifestyle block looks so much more interesting when made from stone, it has more of an impact and makes a statement.

Stone is an easy materials to use and enjoyable to work with, you can play with heights, textures and variety of stones.


6. Why did you decided to get into Landscaping as a career?

I love the fact that no two jobs are ever the same. The creativity of taking something that is not in the immediate environment and bringing it to life.

I like the impact you can create when you draw on what is opposite to whats in your area:

  • No mountain range – bring in large stones

  • No sea view – create a feature using water

  • Rural vista with rolling hills – create a garden with a structure

Thanks for sharing Andy!

If you'd like Andy to help bring your plans to life then get in contact below. He can assist you with design, plant choice, hard landscaping; building retaining walls, paths to regular garden maintenance.

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